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Holy Family Hospital History

Holy Family Hospital as a Catholic mission facility aims at providing quality health care in line with the healing ministry of Christ. The hospital's 2018 Annual Report has been organized into Nine (9) chapters. Chapter One describes the hospital as an organization, its challenges and achievements for 2017. Chapter two elaborates on the structures, governance and leadership. Chapter Three reviews finances and procurements made and Chapter Four is on the human resource situation and institutional in-service training. Chapter Five, Six and Seven cover administration and support services for health, public health and specialist services, clinical performance and services and finally chapter nine concludes it all with health information, ICT and health service research.

Clinical Performance indicator figures from other departments and units are covered in the appendices. Key performance indicators for 2018 are discussed in comparison with that of the previous years. In 2017, the hospital had a total ward bed capacity of two hundred and fourteen (214) and nineteen (19) at the emergency unit as compared to one hundred and ninety eight (198) at the wards in 2016.

The total attendance of the hospital including OPD and ANC was 112,113 in 2018 as compared to the 2017 figure of 99,338 which represent 12.9% increase. Out of the total OPD attendance 60.4% were re-attendants whereas about 39.6% were new clients. Female constituted about 70.3% of the total attendance mainly due to ANC coverage. Moreover ANC constitute about 13.3% of total attendance whiles children under five accounted for 11.5% of the attendance compared to 88.5% adults. There was an increase in the number of scans taken from 3319 to 4172 representing 25.7%. The facility recorded a mortality rate of 3.1. Neonatal mortalities continues to be a challenge for the facility. Institutional Neonatal Mortality Rate increased from 24.4/1000 to 28.5/1000 livebirths from 2017 to 2018

The hospital continues to receive visiting specialist doctors. The hospital is a recognized centre for Urological services provided by visiting Urologists. From Catholic Medical Centre in South Korea, we received Ophthalmologists and a Neonatologist who provided training on neonatal resuscitation

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Mission Statement

To provide high quality health caare in the most effective/efficient and inovative manner,
specific to the communities we serve and at all times acknowledging the dignity of the patient

Vision Statement

A Health Service That Is Best In Meeting
Patient Needs And Expectations